Workforce Development and Continuing Education Platform (2024)


The EdgeMarket procurement, 269EMCPS-23-004, sought and yielded cloud-based Workforce Development and Continuing Education Platform solutions that facilitate and provide:

  • Integrated information flow between all functions
  • Efficient management of all connections among stakeholders
  • Improve student experiences and address their needs with personalized digital engagement
  • Tools to streamline and track student engagement
  • Workflows to drive efficiency in the institution
  • Management of complex non-degree and stackable offerings
  • A registration experience that simplifies the student experience
  • Curriculum development with an efficient creation process for new certificates, badges, and new courses and updating the institution’s catalog through automated processes
  • Real-time visibility into student performance
  • Self-service personalized portals for each stakeholder group
  • A platform that complies with industry: PCI-DSS, SOC-2, WCAG, FERPA, FIPPA, GDPR, CCPA

The goal is to provide Edge Members and Participants with a platform that focuses on cultivating and promoting capabilities and skills through the use of integrated programs that have a focus on long-term goals that impact both learners and employers.


Edge has awarded contracts for the following Workforce Development and Continuing Education Platform solutions:

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