EdgeMarket Revenue Sharing Program for Affinity Groups

The EdgeMarket Revenue Sharing Program

EdgeMarket is growing, and we'd like to share the economic and other benefits of that growth with mission-minded affinity groups that aggregate and serve education, government, healthcare and not-for-profit organizations.

For example, as an educational research and services corporation, a research and education network provider (REN), as well as a state-authorized Lead Agency and Cooperative Pricing System operator, Edge "aggregates and serves" its members and participants in New Jersey and beyond.

Your institution, district or organization is very likely a part of a larger grouping that would enjoy and effectively use the additional revenue that would be rebated to them when members of that group make purchases through the EdgeMarket co-op.

Where Does the Rebate Come From?

As a co-op, Edge receives an administrative fee from awarded vendors when the EdgeMarket contracts are used to make a purchase. The administrative fee is typically 1-2% of the sale, which is the norm for most co-ops.

The rebate to an affinity group would be 25% of the administrative fees generated from purchases made by the members of that group. Depending on the size of the group and the overall volume of purchasing, the rebates can become significant.

What Kinds of Groups Are Eligible?

There are many examples:

  • RENs, especially those that do not have the resources to operate a co-op of their own
  • Associations, and in particular, those that serve a vital role but don't have a diversified revenue stream
  • HBCU institutions, associations, and consortia
  • Faith-based education associations and consortia
  • Education and healthcare systems, consortia, and other similar groups

Going Beyond the Revenue Share

Edge, along with our partners, and especially SHI via the TeCHS contract, are ready and able to add our innovative know-how and extensive capabilities to aid in the attainment of the key technology initiatives of the affinity groups we support.


Contact Dan Miller, AVP EdgeMarket, dan.miller@njedge.net, to learn more and discuss the possibilities.