Managed Campus Network Services

Solution: Managed Campus Network Services

Provider: Apogee Telecom

Apogee provides managed residential, academic, and administrative network services and other value-add, community and experience enriching offerings.

EdgeMarket Contract Highlights

The EdgeMarket contract includes discounted pricing and favorable terms for our Edge members and EdgeMarket participants for the following Apogee solutions:


Managed Network Services-Residential

Comprehensive turnkey residential managed network (ResNet) including integration with campus single sign-on, per device speed guarantees, 24/7 support and network monitoring, personal area networks, peer to peer gaming support, and a campus branded mobile application. 


Managed Network Services-Academic/Administrative

Comprehensive turnkey administrative network solution including network access control with campus single sign-on integration, provisioning and management of network firewall with threat detection, IP filtering, and anti-malware, 24/7 support and network monitoring. 


Location Analytics-Value Added Service

Location Analytics, through Apogee’s partnership with Degree Analytics, is a software platform that uses anonymized data and machine learning to log WiFi access by zones designated by the campus. The tool generates visualizations of zone utilization and can be used to gauge social distancing compliance on a zone-by-zone basis. 


Traditional Cable Video-RF

High resolution traditional cable television with a custom channel lineup and no-set top box requirement. 



State of the art HD content streaming with a campus branded application accessible on most commonly used devices. Customized channel lineup with trick play and recording functionality. 


Campus Engagement Services

Apogee Campus Engagement Services includes turnkey digital content curation complemented by Apogee higher education marketing professionals. Digital content campaigns can be distributed across modalities including social media, digital signage, Apogee CATV, IPTV, and the web.    

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