Participating in an EdgeMarket Procurement

Engaging for Success

Edge is committed to actively engaging EdgeMarket participants in the EdgeMarket procurement process so that new and essential solutions and services are identified, acquired and made available in the most timely and cost-effective manner possible.

EdgeCon 2021 Session: EdgeMarket Working Together, Working For You

View our EdgeCon presentation to see how Edge enables our members and co-op participants to help plan EdgeMarket procurements and participate in individual procurement projects:

Facilitated by DecisionDirector®

Edge utilizes DecisionDirector®, the planning and procurement platform from Advantiv Solutions, to make participating in EdgeMarket procurement activities fast, easy and effective.

Ways to Participate

With each procurement project, Edge encourages several ways to participate, including:

Project FormationDetermining the need, scope, approach and priority for the procurement
Requirements GatheringCapturing, reviewing and prioritizing general and detailed requirements
Bid EvaluationReviewing and rating key elements of the bidder's proposals
Orals/Demonstration EvaluationsParticipating in and rating interactive sessions with the selected bidders
Reference Check EvaluationsInterviewing references and rating each
Vendor and Solution FeedbackRating the vendor and solution after sale and implementation

For a more complete view of procurement and due diligence activities, see DecisionDirector® Plan2Procure and Collaborative Due Diligence with DecisionDirector®.

For More Information

Dan Miller, Director of EdgeMarket,, 480.258.9665