EdgeMarket provides Safe, Simple, Smart procurement for solutions that drive positive outcomes to realize and achieve institutional strategy and technology goals.
  • SAFE - EdgeMarket procurements are “audit-proof” as a result of our thorough public bidding and procurement process.
  • SIMPLE - EdgeMarket enables participants to work directly with vendors and accelerate purchasing via a validated contract mechanism.
  • SMART - EdgeMarket helps participants identify and source the solutions you need with a price and purchasing model that makes sense.
The EdgeMarket Portal provides easy access to practical information about EdgeMarket products and services, and the procurement processes and master agreements that make them possible. Welcome!

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Our mission is to serve as your premier technology partner, delivering the solutions you need for the lowest cost and best terms possible. We're growing - and the more we grow the stronger we become for you. Join us!

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EdgeMarket always has a number of active procurements underway and upcoming procurements presently being prepared, researched or considered.

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Edge provides a broad array of technology related products and services, organized by the categories listed below.

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This category is for articles and information pertaining to procurement, both at Edge and in general.

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EdgeMarket provides three distinct public procurement vehicles along with a Direct-From-Edge option for Edge-provided products and services.

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Edge seeks to provide our members with easy access to high quality products and services. For our vendors, this means increased market exposure and a much easier sales cycle. Of course, we have to follow best practices and comply with public procurement law in the evaluation and procurement of great solutions, and the best place for interested vendors to start the process is here.