New Participant Registration - New Jersey K-12

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Becoming a Participant in EdgeMarket - New Jersey K-12

All New Jersey K-12 schools or districts wishing to become a participant must execute the EdgeMarket Participation Agreement with Edge, pass a resolution by their governing body, and then provide a copy of the completed resolution to Edge. 

Edge will then file the Agreement and the resolution with the New Jersey Department of Community Affairs (DCA).

Participant Registration Instructions

Becoming a participant is an easy, three-step process:

  1. Download the EdgeMarket Participation Agreement and the Governing Body Resolution documents provided below.
  2. Complete each document by filling in the fields as indicated, sign and date upon approval, and return as PDF documents via email to
  3. The documents will then be fully executed, with copies returned to you and filed with the DCA, as required by law.

EdgeMarket Participation Agreement

The EdgeMarket Participation Agreement establishes the contractual relationship between your New Jersey school district and NJEdge.Net, Inc., serving as Lead Agency and operator of the EdgeMarket co-op.

Download --> EdgeMarket Participation Agreement for NJ K-12 Only

Governing Body Resolution

The Governing Body Resolution is provided in the form of a board resolution that authorizes your New Jersey school district to enter into the EdgeMarket Participation Agreement.

Download --> Governing Body Resolution for NJ K-12 Only

(Do you represent a New Jersey public entity or public or private educational institution? Click here.)

(Do you represent a U.S. entity from outside New Jersey? Click here.)