IT Pro - Cloud Migration Services

Cloud Migration Services

Awarded Providers

ProviderRFP #Contract #Expires On
CampusWorks, Inc.23-002269EMCPS-23-002-EM-CWI10/04/2026
Infojini, Inc.23-002269EMCPS-23-002-EM-IFJ10/01/2026
New Era Technology, Inc.23-002269EMCPS-23-002-EM-NET11/30/2026
SIG (Strata Information Group)23-002269EMCPS-23-002-EM-SIG10/04/2026
Slalom, Inc.23-002269EMCPS-23-002-EM-SLM09/19/2026
Softchoice Corporation23-002269EMCPS-23-002-EM-SCC10/16/2026
Trigyn Technologies, Inc.23-002269EMCPS-23-002-EM-TGN11/30/2026
Tryfacta, Inc.23-002269EMCPS-23-002-EM-TFC10/17/2026

How to Use

Category Description

The scope of services available under this category are as generally described using the language and intent stated in the related solicitation. Awardees in this category provided sufficient credentials, experience, and know-how in this category.

Solicitation Text

Provide professional services to migrate technology services in accordance with enterprise information systems architecture roadmap and/or blueprint.

Some examples of the needs are described below:  

  • Moving the Buying Entity’s business (applications and data), email, and other services to a cloud computing environment from a legacy, on-premises IT infrastructure
  • Migration from one cloud provider to another
  • Enforcing stringent security measures
  • Limiting access control
  • Encryption of data
  • Test migrated system for security loopholes or compliance gaps
  • Design and implement backup and disaster recovery systems and processes
  • Any additional services under this category not covered above.