Student Success and Engagement Platform (2024)


The EdgeMarket procurement, 269EMCPS-23-007, sought and yielded cloud-based Student Success and Engagement Platform solutions that 

  • Address barriers and challenges by promoting the utilization of available resources
  • Offer flexible access options to resources
  • Foster a culture of academic and personal support to help and encourage students to make use of available resources
  • Provide the tools to ensure easy access to the information and resources students need to be successful
  • Increase the number of students achieving academic success 
  • Provide a measurable turn-key solution to track student success/retention
  • Provide the tools available to Faculty and Staff to assist in this process

The goal is to provide Edge Members and Participants with a platform that assists the students on their academic path but also provides data analytics and predictive modeling tools that can be used by Advisors and Faculty to improve student success. The information derived from the solution must help to identify students at risk and have the tools to successfully use retention strategies to enable such students to graduate.


Edge has awarded contracts for the following recognized Student Success and Engagement Platform solutions:

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