Solution: HelioCampus

Provider: HelioCampus Inc

HelioCampus provides strategic decision support and insights to colleges and universities through an enterprise analytics platform, benchmarking, and data science services. 

EdgeMarket Contract Highlights

The EdgeMarket contract includes discounted pricing and favorable terms for our Edge members and EdgeMarket participants for the following HelioCampus solutions:

  • Student Lifecycle - the student lifecycle from admissions through to graduation
  • Admissions Management - the admissions funnel and student yield
  • Student Retention - student success from persistence and retention through graduation
  • LMS Insights - student and instructor activity in the Learning Management System (LMS)
  • Academic Performance Management - counter budget deficits, identify efficiencies and optimize faculty assignments and non-teaching activities
  • Strategic Financial Planning - measure institutional performance against strategic goals
  • Benchmarking Consortium - measure the human capital investment levels in higher education administration to help our members become more efficient and effective

Procurement Information and Documents

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EdgeMarket Master Agreement

If you do not have a Member-Only login and wish to see the contract documents, contact: info@njedge.net

EdgeMarket Contract Identification Number (ECIN)

There are two ECINs for this contract: 

269EMCPS-21-002-CP-HEL - EdgeMarket Cooperative Pricing System (available for use nationally)

269EMCPS-21-002-LA-HEL - NJEdge.Net, Inc. as Lead Agency (for New Jersey public sector entities)

When you utilize this agreement:

  • Please be sure to include the appropriate ECIN all purchase orders for goods or services purchased pursuant to this contract vehicle, and ensure that the vendor include the same ECIN on relevant invoices.
  • Please complete the EdgeMarket: Notice of Use of EdgeMarket Agreement form.

Vendor Provided Information

HelioCampus empowers institutional effectiveness through benchmarking and decision support helping colleges and universities deliver on their mission. With data from every corner of campus, HelioCampus enables insights for institutions to drive student success and grow revenue, understand the sustainability of academic programs, and manage costs and streamline operations, and benchmark against peers through an enterprise technology platform and ongoing data science services.

Born out of the University System of Maryland and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, HelioCampus is purpose-built to serve the unique needs of higher education. HelioCampus offers a unique perspective on using data to facilitate meaningful conversations that spur action, leading to greater institutional health and performance. Learn more about our approach here.

Solution: Decision Support

We combine data with ongoing professional services to help institutions better understand the connections through easily navigated data models and visualizations. Products organized by subject area can be implemented independently or leverage the power of the platform when interconnected to make more informed decisions. You can learn more about our technology platform here.

Decision Support Solutions Include:

Solution: Benchmarking

We measure academic and administrative costs to help our benchmarking members become more efficient and effective. Using our data and analytics, our members are able to maximize resources to align with strategic plans, drive better student outcomes, fulfill their mission, and lower the cost of higher education. You can find more information on the HelioCampus Benchmarking Consortium here.

Solution: Assessment

HelioCampus recently joined forces with AEFIS to become the premiere institutional effectiveness and analytics provider for colleges and universities seeking to better align investments with financial and student learning outcomes. Learn more here.

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Contact Us: For questions or more information, please contact Todd Lucca at todd.lucca@heliocampus.com