Pathogens Control

Solution: Pathogens Control Technologies

Provider: Bayside Operations Technology

The effective detection and eradication of pathogens is essential to the safe and sustainable operations of any organization.

This contract provides access to three crucial pathogen detection and control technologies:

  • AITDS - Automated Temperature Detection System for students, employees, and visitors. Accurately detect temperature, inside or outside, mask on or off, in less than 3 seconds.
  • Air Shield - Integrates with all ages and sizes of HVAC systems to kill pathogens with UV-C LED light before they spread throughout the facility. Modular, scalable, and does not require an outside contractor for installation.
  • UV Guardian - A fully autonomous robot that uses UV-C light to inactivate coronaviruses and other harmful microorganisms from surfaces such as desks, tables, chairs, and more. Program maps of your facility and the UV Guardian will operate on the schedule that you set.

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AirShield for College and University

Statement Regarding Solution Efficacy

The AirShield technology has proven laboratory and real-world efficacy in inactivating enveloped viruses and molds within HVAC systems. Due to its modular nature, the AirShield can be deployed in the entirety of the HVAC system. This ensures that no parts of a given facility are left unprotected. 

Laboratory testing for AirShield was conducted on mold. Mold is substantially more difficult to inactivate than enveloped viruses (e.g. SARS-CoV-2, Influenza-A). In this testing, it was found that AirShield resulted in a 99.9% reduction in mold. Testing in a Fortune 500 corporation has also provided comparable results. 

Download the efficacy report.

Download the Airborne Pathogen Inactivation Technology chart.

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