IT Pro - Software System Selection Services

Software System Selection Services

Awarded Providers

ProviderRFP #Contract #Expires On
Avero Advisors23-002269EMCPS-23-002-EM-AAV10/05/2026
CampusWorks, Inc.23-002269EMCPS-23-002-EM-CWI10/04/2026
ISG Public Sector23-002269EMCPS-23-002-EM-ISG10/08/2026
Joseph W Hendrickson, LLC23-002269EMCPS-23-002-EM-JWH10/08/2026
Moran Technology Consulting23-002269EMCPS-23-002-EM-MTC10/08/2026
New Era Technology, Inc.23-002269EMCPS-23-002-EM-NET11/30/2026
Slalom, Inc.23-002269EMCPS-23-002-EM-SLM09/19/2026
Strata Information Group23-002269EMCPS-23-002-EM-SIG10/04/2026
Trigyn Technologies, Inc.23-002269EMCPS-23-002-EM-TGN11/30/2026

How to Use

Category Description

The scope of services available under this category are as generally described using the language and intent stated in the related solicitation. Awardees in this category provided sufficient credentials, experience, and know-how in this category.

Solicitation Text

Vendor has the ability to assist and partner with the ordering institution in the selection of new or replacement software systems, either at the organization level or at the department level. This may also involve the recommendation for complementary systems, replacement of existing systems, or new systems that support effective management in the ordering institution. The selected partner will conduct identification and codification of system(s) requirements, suggest potential solutions, create a system(s) selection Request for Proposal (RFP) for distribution, assist with the vendor selection process, and provide recommendations on system(s) selection, and provide review and input on the target system(s) contract(s). 

Typically, this will involve the following phases:

  • Discovery
    • Conduct discovery efforts to obtain an understanding of the goals and objectives of the project and document requirements to support a thorough vendor selection process.
  • Request for Proposal
    • Create an  RFP document for distribution, signoff, and publication.
    • Determine the vendor pool
    • Assist in the review of vendor proposals
    • Provide an analysis of bids and alternatives
    • Assist in contract review and negotiation with the selected target system(s) vendor(s)

Qualities of an Ideal Selection Business Partner:

  • Deep knowledge of the higher education, local government, and healthcare technology solutions market (Vendor should indicate the sectors covered)
  • Experience in managing system and platform selection projects
  • Experience with ERP selection projects
  • Experience with learning management platforms selection projects
  • Experience with event management platform selection projects
  • Experience with CRM platform selection projects
  • Any additional services under this category not covered above.