IT Pro - Other Implementations, Upgrades, and Integrations

Other Implementations, Upgrades, and Integrations

Awarded Providers

ProviderRFP #Contract #Expires On
Avero Advisors23-002269EMCPS-23-002-EM-AAV10/05/2026
CampusWorks, Inc.23-002269EMCPS-23-002-EM-CWI10/04/2026
Infojini, Inc.23-002269EMCPS-23-002-EM-IFJ10/01/2026
Moran Technology Consulting23-002269EMCPS-23-002-EM-MTC10/08/2026
New Era Technology, Inc.23-002269EMCPS-23-002-EM-NET11/30/2026
Slalom, Inc.23-002269EMCPS-23-002-EM-SLM09/19/2026
Strata Information Group23-002269EMCPS-23-002-EM-SIG10/04/2026
Trigyn Technologies, Inc.23-002269EMCPS-23-002-EM-TGN11/30/2026
Tryfacta, Inc.23-002269EMCPS-23-002-EM-TFC10/17/2026

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Category Description

The scope of services available under this category are as generally described using the language and intent stated in the related solicitation. Awardees in this category provided sufficient credentials, experience, and know-how in this category.

Solicitation Text

Vendors should possess the capability to provide either full lifecycle services or ad hoc problem-solving for commercial-off-the-shelf, SaaS, or cloud-based systems and applications which may include initial implementation, upgrade management, and all related services. Edge Members and Participants have systems and applications in a variety of lifecycle stages. It is anticipated that Respondents in this category would have significant bench strength to meet the long-term needs of major projects or specific skill sets for meeting specialized needs related to implementation, upgrades, and integration services.

  • Any additional services under this category not covered above.