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The table below provides the authoritative listing of EdgeMarket Cooperative Pricing System bids.

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#BidSolutionStatusRFP ReleaseRFP Close
1269EMCPS-23-002IT Professional ServicesOpen02/28/202304/11/2023
2269EMCPS-23-001Enrollment, Marketing and Other Support Services (EMOSS)Closed - Under Evaluation01/30/202303/16/2023
3269EMCPS-22-004Smart Athletic Surfaces and Services (SaSS)Closed - Awarded to 209/07/202210/18/2022
4269EMCPS-22-003Managed Campus Network ServicesClosed - Single Award03/08/202204/05/2022
5269EMCPS-22-002Enterprise Digital Content Hosting PlatformClosed - Awarded to 202/03/202203/28/2022
6269EMCPS-22-001Media Planning and Buying ServicesClosed - Awarded to 201/05/202202/08/2022
7269EMCPS-21-006ITSM Platform and ServicesClosed - Single Award11/22/202101/13/2022
8269EMCPS-21-005Virtual Classroom ServicesClosed - Single Award06/16/202107/22/2021
9269EMCPS-21-004Pathogens Control TechnologyClosed - Single Award04/20/202105/04/2021
10269EMCPS-21-003IT Help Desk ServicesClosed - Awarded to 204/09/202105/10/2021
11269EMCPS-21-002Data Warehouse/Business Intelligence for Institutional EffectivenessClosed - Awarded to 403/18/202104/19/2021
12269EMCPS-21-001TeCHS - Comprehensive Technology Catalog for Hardware and SoftwareClosed - Single Award03/09/202104/09/2021
13269EMCPS-20-004AI-Enabled ChatbotClosed - Awarded to 307/23/202008/25/2020
14269EMCPS-20-003Online Proctoring SystemClosed - Awarded to 205/14/202006/30/2020
15269EMCPS-20-002Document Management SystemClosed - Single Award04/01/202005/26/2020
16269EMCPS-20-001Emergency Notification SystemClosed - Single Award05/14/202007/13/2020
17269EMCPS-19-005Business Process Modernization & Readiness AssessmentsClosed - Single Award06/18/201907/03/2019
18269EMCPS-19-005Concierge Support Desk ServicesClosed - Single Award06/18/201907/03/2019
19269EMCPS-19-004HE/K-12 Learning Management SystemClosed - Single Award06/26/201908/09/2019
20269EMCPS-19-003Hosted Enterprise Unified CommunicationsClosed - Single Award05/20/201907/02/2019
21269EMCPS-19-003TDM/PRI or SIP over Legacy PBX or On-Premises Voice SystemClosed - Single Award05/20/201907/02/2019
22269EMCPS-19-002Enterprise Resource Planning SystemClosed - Awarded to 211/05/201801/05/2019
23269EMCPS-19-001Microsoft Licensing Solution Providers ServiceClosed - Single Award08/31/201809/25/2018
#BidSolutionStatusRFP ReleaseRFP Close

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