Become an EdgeMarket Vendor

What is EdgeMarket?

EdgeMarket is a non-profit cooperative purchasing entity serving higher education, K12, healthcare and the public sector with the power of nationally available fully-procured master contract vehicles.

How do Companies Become EdgeMarket Vendors?

The ONLY way to become an EdgeMarket Vendor is to provide a complete and successful response to one or more of our EdgeMarket RFPs and be awarded a master contract. There is no other way.

What are the Benefits of being an EdgeMarket Vendor?

EdgeMarket Vendors receive the following support and benefits:

1) A national contract vehicle for nationwide public procurement.

  • Co-op participants and co-op vendors can avoid the costly and lengthy RFP process and move directly to a contract.

2) A collaborative press release announcing the award.

  • Posted to Edge website and shared with Edge members via email our newsletters and social channels.

  • EdgeMarket Vendors are authorized to send our press releases to their contacts and press connections to promote vendors and their awards.

3) Landing page in EdgeMarket procurement portal.

4) Awareness, education, training and support for your field sales, marketing, legal and administrative teams.

  • We also work with EdgeMarket Vendors in the ideation, refinement and support of go-to-market strategies based on the award.

5) Promotion of webinars/events via Edge newsletters and the EdgeMarket portal.

6) Access to EdgeMarket branding for your use in collateral and communications.

7) Sponsorship and exhibitor opportunities at our highly acclaimed EdgeCon events.

  • These are always available, even before you become an EdgeMarket Vendor.

8) Advertising opportunities in our member magazines, including View From the Edge.

  • These, too, are always available, regardless of award status.

9) A member-informed consortium which can provide insight and feedback on your solutions.

Get Started - The Vendor Profile Submission Form

A great way to get started is to let us know about you.

  • Complete our Vendor Profile Submission form.
  • Provide us with as much information, insight and even ideas as you can. You may inspire the next great procurement!

Already an EdgeMarket Vendor...

...and want to maximize the value and impact of your master contract award, or suggest a new category for a procurement, or...?