IT Pro - ERP and CRM Implementation, Upgrades, and Integrations

ERP and CRM Implementation, Upgrades, and Integrations

Awarded Providers

ProviderRFP #Contract #Expires On
Avero Advisors23-002269EMCPS-23-002-EM-AAV10/05/2026
Joseph W Hendrickson, LLC23-002269EMCPS-23-002-EM-JWH10/08/2026
Moran Technology Consulting23-002269EMCPS-23-002-EM-MTC10/08/2026
New Era Technology, Inc.23-002269EMCPS-23-002-EM-NET11/30/2026
Slalom, Inc.23-002269EMCPS-23-002-EM-SLM09/19/2026
SIG (Strata Information Group)
Tryfacta, Inc.23-002269EMCPS-23-002-EM-TFC10/17/2026
Other Awards Forthcoming23-002Other Awards ForthcomingOther Awards Forthcoming

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Category Description

The scope of services available under this category are as generally described using the language and intent stated in the related solicitation. Awardees in this category provided sufficient credentials, experience, and know-how in this category.

Solicitation Text

Vendors should possess the capability to provide either full lifecycle services or ad hoc problem-solving for commercial-off-the-shelf, SaaS, or cloud-based ERP systems to include initial implementation, upgrade management, and all related services. Edge Members and Participants have ERPs from a broad range of providers (Oracle, Ellucian, Jenzabar, Anthology, and Workday among others) and in a variety of lifecycle stages. It is anticipated that Respondents in this category would have significant bench strength to meet the long-term needs of major projects or specific skill sets for meeting specialized needs related to ERP services. Services may be required to cover a single module or multiple modules. 

Typical requested service may include, but not be limited to:

  • Ensure the ERP systems meet business requirements and goals, fulfilling user requirements, and identify and resolve systems issues
  • Work with the Data Governance Board (if present) and/or department heads in support of ERP project goals
  • Prepare and present activity and progress reports to the Data Governance Board and the Executive Steering Team
  • Ensure a viable Change Management Board is active and functioning appropriately and can contribute to project success
  • Implement business practices that support troubleshooting, streamlined workflow, and efficient use of the ERP systems
  • Manage the issues list and ensure issues are investigated, addressed, and resolved or moved to a different phase or project after agreement with the Change Management Board.
  • Any additional services under this category not covered above.