Send Word Now (SWN)

Solution: Send Word Now

Provider: OnSolve (formerly Send Word Now/SNW)

OnSolve’s Send Word Now provides state-of-the-art two-way enterprise crisis communication services designed to ensure efficient and reliable communications with real-time response tracking across a variety of platforms. From email to voicemail to smartphones, alerts are transmitted instantly to each recipient on multiple devices, increasing the likelihood of quick responses.

Contract Highlights

  • $0.75 per contact per year
  • This is a NEW contract, as the previous contract for Send Word Now expired and Send Word Now has been acquired by OnSolve. If you are currently a Send Word Now subscriber under the previous Edge agreement, you will need to execute a new subscription agreement with OnSolve.

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269EMCPS-20-001-CP-ONS - EdgeMarket Cooperative Pricing System (available for use nationally)

269EMCPS-20-001-LA-ONS - NJEdge.Net, Inc. as Lead Agency (for New Jersey public sector entities)

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