Cooperative Pricing System


Cooperative Pricing System

Edge holds designation as a Cooperative Pricing System (DCA #269EMCP) as approved by the New Jersey Department of Community Affairs (DCA) in 2018. This designation enables Edge to issue RFPs on behalf of the entire public sector community in New Jersey and beyond, in addition to Edge’s current membership. 

See the approval notice: EdgeMarket Co-op Approval Notice

Moving forward, all RFPs will be issued via our Cooperative Pricing System status and made accessible to existing members and the wider community.

Becoming an EdgeMarket Co-op Participant

Joining as a participant in the co-op is required in order to purchase through the co-op. 

To learn more, see Join the EdgeMarket Co-op

EdgeMarket Solutions

For a full listing of EdgeMarket-provided solutions:

Solutions Provided by Edge under EdgeMarket