SHI TeCHS Catalog

Solution: SHI TeCHS Catalog

Provider: SHI

The Edge SHI TeCHS catalog is one of the most comprehensive technology and services purchase vehicles available in the U.S. 

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How To Use

  • Visit to view the full catalog. 
  • If you have an assigned SHI representative, tell them you would like to make a purchase using the EdgeMarket – TeCHS Full Catalog, contract #269EMCPS-21-001-EM-SHI
  • Or, call SHI at 888-744-4084 and let the inside sales representative know. 
  • If your organization uses an eCommerce platform, SHI's catalog and contract can be integrated into it for easy quoting and ordering.
  • Quotes and orders created under the EdgeMarket - TeCHS Full Catalog contract will have all available discounts applied.

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