Edge Procurement Vehicles and Authorities


Since its inception as an Educational Research and Services Corporation formed pursuant to N.J.S.A. 18A:3B-6.1, NJEDGE.NET, Inc. (“Edge”) has been a New Jersey 501(c)(3) non-profit, charitable corporation and technology consortium, providing access to goods and services to its members and participants in accordance with three primary authorizing statutes.

Read our Memorandum re NJ Edge Statutory Authorities (2023) for a detailed review of Edge's statutory authorities.

EdgeMarket - Cooperative Pricing System

Edge holds designation as a Cooperative Pricing System (DCA #269EMCP) as approved by the New Jersey Department of Community Affairs (DCA) in 2018. 

This designation enables Edge to issue RFPs on behalf of the and the K12 and higher education community and the public sector, with the general exception of the State itself, in New Jersey and beyond. 

See the approval notice: EdgeMarket Co-op Approval Notice

All RFPs from Edge are issued jointly by Edge as Lead Agency, and the EdgeMarket Cooperative Pricing System, for which Edge serves as Lead Agency. The resulting master agreements are then made accessible to existing members and the wider community, as allowed by law.

See our annual notice: EdgeMarket Co-op Annual Notice

Becoming an EdgeMarket Co-op Participant

Joining as a participant in the co-op is required in order to purchase through the co-op. 

To learn more, see Join the EdgeMarket Co-op

EdgeMarket Solutions

For a full listing of EdgeMarket-provided solutions, see Solutions Provided by Edge under EdgeMarket

Lead Agency – Educational Research and Services Corporation

As a state authorized Educational Research and Services Corporation, Edge holds Lead Agency status. Under this designation, Edge has issued RFPs and negotiated pricing contracts for strategic partnerships on behalf of our membership, enabling members to obtain products that are in high demand at the most cost-competitive pricing available.

For a full listing of lead-agency provided solutions, see Solutions Provided by Edge under Lead Agency Status

Shared Services

As a New Jersey state authorized Educational Research and Services Corporation, under New Jersey state procurement law, Edge is considered to be local unit. As a local unit, and in conformance with NJ Rev Stat § 40A:65-4, Edge may provide services directly to other local units as a "shared service", without the need to go through a competitive procurement process.

Edge provides a variety of shared services solutions that leverage the resources and know-how of the Edge team of business, networking and technology professionals.

Direct from Edge Solutions

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