How the Affiliate Partner Program Works

How the Affiliate Program Works

The EdgeMarket Affiliate Partner Program consists of four basic elements:

  • An interested eligible group1 is accepted by Edge into the program as an EdgeMarket Affiliate Partner
  • The EdgeMarket Affiliate Partner invites its members to join the EdgeMarket co-op and encourages use of EdgeMarket master contracts for solutions and services
  • Sales from the use of EdgeMarket master agreements by EdgeMarket Affiliate Partner members generate contract administration fees, a portion of which are rebated by Edge to the EdgeMarket Affiliate Partner each quarter
  • Along the way, Edge and the EdgeMarket Affiliate Partner jointly seek and pursue ways to add value through the partnership to the constituencies they serve

1What Kinds of Groups Are Eligible?

There are many examples:

  • RENs, especially those that do not have the resources to operate a co-op of their own
  • Associations, and in particular, those that serve a vital role but don't have a significant marketplace offering or a fully diversified revenue stream
  • HBCU institutions, associations, and consortia
  • Faith-based education associations and consortia
  • Education and healthcare systems, consortia, and other similar groups

Becoming an EdgeMarket Affiliate Partner

The process to become an EdgeMarket Affiliate Partner follows these general steps:

  • Send a note to Dan Miller, AVP EdgeMarket and Solution Strategy
  • Mutually explore and confirm interest, alignment and fit
  • Jointly execute the EdgeMarket Affiliate Partner Program agreement
  • Edge creates a landing page for the new Affiliate Partner (See the MyAssoc example landing page)
  • The Affiliate Partner creates a corresponding page in their website along with an EdgeMarket email address
  • Edge and the Affiliate Partner issue a joint press release or similar joint and individual announcement

Ongoing EdgeMarket Affiliate Partner Activities

Once established, ongoing activities include:

  • EdgeMarket will register and onboard as new co-op participants the Affiliate Partner's members who submit a completed EdgeMarket Affiliate Participation agreement
  • EdgeMarket will provide the Affiliate Partner with quarterly activity reports that list new co-op participants, master contract billings activity, and corresponding contract administration fees.
  • EdgeMarket will provide the Affiliate Partner with quarterly payment of the corresponding contract administration fees Revenue Share.
  • EdgeMarket and the Affiliate Partner will hold periodic reviews to ensure maximum utilization and benefit of the program and to explore and pursue related value-added activities.