How to Use IT Professional Services Contracts

IT Professional Services Master Agreements

The EdgeMarket IT Professional Services master agreements provide an easy pathway to a broad array of services from a variety of proven service providers.

To access the master agreements, you will need a Members Only login.

How to Use

Since the master agreements were created as a result of a public procurement, you are free to engage any provider for any of the scopes of service that they have been awarded.

The Basics

  1. Determine Your Need - Identify what you need and document it in writing.
  2. Determine the Service Category - Review the available service categories and determine which one(s) line up with your need.
  3. Determine Potential Service Providers - Determine which of the awarded providers seem best suited to help you fulfill your need.
  4. Request a Proposed Statement of Work - Contact the most likely provider(s) to share your need and request an proposed approach and statement of work. This process can be as formal (e.g. a Task Order Request for Proposals like a mini-RFP) or informal (discussion of need and options) as you prefer or need it to be.
  5. Select a Provider and Make the Transaction - Finalize the statement of work, consummate the provider's form(s) of agreement, and issue your purchase order.

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