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NJEdge ("Edge") was created by statute, pursuant to N.J.S.A. 18A:3B 6.1, as a 501(c)(3) educational research and service corporation composed of public research universities, state colleges, county colleges, public institutions of higher education primarily located in the State of New Jersey, and nonprofit independent institutions of higher education that receive direct aid.  As an educational research and services corporation, Edge is permitted to act as a lead agency or contracting unit for the procurement of goods and services for its members.  It is also deemed a local unit under the Shared Services Act, and may serve as a lead agency/contracting unit for the procurement of goods and services concerning educational technology systems and related services.  To that end, in 2018 Edge applied to the Department of Community Affairs (“DCA”) and received approval for its EdgeMarket Cooperative Pricing System. 

To learn more about the statutory authorities of Edge and EdgeMarket, visit Edge's Procurement Vehicles and Authorities

Since its approval in 2018, EdgeMarket has been actively operating within New Jersey and around the county, and currently has numerous participants and a growing list of technology and services contracts that it has competitively awarded in conformance with New Jersey's stringent public procurement laws and guidelines.  Because of Edge’s connections with Higher Ed and its historic involvement in technology procurement on behalf of its Higher Ed members, EdgeMarket expertise allows it to serve as a niche co-op providing cutting edge technology procurement for its co-op members, which extend beyond Higher Ed to include K-12, local government and healthcare organizations. Edge also provides technology consulting and assistance directly to its member organizations and to its co-op members via shared services agreements.  

Edge has been very successful in its technology procurements, obtaining both favorable pricing and cutting edge technology and services solutions for its members. For instance, Edge has awarded contracts for ERP, Student Information, and Learning Management systems, numerous other software systems, security , database and virtualization platforms, and an array of other technology product and professional service solutions. Edge works with its member organizations to craft specifications that are responsive to the direct needs and anticipated technology advances. Edge also offers its member organizations access to EdgeNet, Edge's high-speed, high-availability, and highly secure purpose-built network with numerous advanced features and services such as DDoS mitigation, direct connect to AWS, and the use of SDN-based LISP protocols for advanced network design and performance.

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