TeCHS Catalog

The EdgeMarket TeCHS catalog through SHI is one of the most comprehensive and forward-thinking technology hardware, software and services procurement vehicles available under a single award in the U.S.

EdgeMarket TeCHS Contract Highlights: The Power of SHI

We had two main goals when we conducted our competitive procurement for a technology and services catalog provider. The first was to deliver massive scope, scale and unsurpassed value in technology and service purchasing to our members and co-op participants everywhere in the U.S.

We achieved that with SHI, the largest Minority & Woman-Owned Business Enterprise (MWBE) in the United States, and have negotiated a single-award master contract vehicle that provides access to:

  • Hundreds of hardware, software and service categories and groups
  • Thousands of product offerings
  • Nationally competitive pricing, with the ability to customize pricing and financing packages for your most significant purchases
  • Extensive world-class pre-sales support from SHI's highly-experienced product and service experts

"With 5,000 ridiculously helpful licensing experts, cloud engineers, architects, trainers and specialists around the world, SHI is uniquely positioned to be the only technology solutions provider you need to meet your business goals." -- SHI

Beyond the Essentials: IT Lifecycle Services

Our second goal was to harness the innovative capabilities and global capacity of an IT solutions partner who could deliver truly transformative solutions, built upon their extensive catalog, deep talent, scalable logistics and state-of-the-art facilities. 

For optimizing technology spend, accelerating critical initiatives, and preserving more of your precious human resources to support your core mission, SHI's IT Lifecycle Services showcase the transformative power of the TeCHS contract:

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