IT Pro - MDM and Data Warehouse Services

Master Data Management (MDM) and Data Warehouse Services

Awarded Providers

ProviderRFP #Contract #Expires On
CampusWorks, Inc.23-002269EMCPS-23-002-EM-CWI10/04/2026
CCS Global Tech23-002269EMCPS-23-002-EM-CCS10/05/2026
Infojini, Inc.23-002269EMCPS-23-002-EM-IFJ10/01/2026
Moran Technology Consulting23-002269EMCPS-23-002-EM-MTC10/08/2026
New Era Technology, Inc.23-002269EMCPS-23-002-EM-NET11/30/2026
Slalom, Inc.23-002269EMCPS-23-002-EM-SLM09/19/2026
Softchoice Corporation23-002269EMCPS-23-002-EM-SCC10/16/2026
Strata Information Group23-002269EMCPS-23-002-EM-SIG10/04/2026
Trigyn Technologies, Inc.23-002269EMCPS-23-002-EM-TGN11/30/2026
Tryfacta, Inc.23-002269EMCPS-23-002-EM-TFC10/17/2026

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Category Description

The scope of services available under this category are as generally described using the language and intent stated in the related solicitation. Awardees in this category provided sufficient credentials, experience, and know-how in this category.

Solicitation Text

MDM services comprise a broad range of data cleansing, transformation, and integration practices. As data sources are added to the system, It includes processes to identify, collect, transform, and repair data. Once the data meets the quality thresholds, schemas, and taxonomies are created to help maintain a high-quality master reference. The objective is to have data throughout the enterprise that is accurate, up-to-date, and consistent.

The categories or domains into which master data can be classified include:

  • Customer master data management (prospect, student, patient, provider, etc.)
  • Product and Services master data
  • Supplier master data management
  • Reference data master data 
  • Finance data 
  • Asset master data
  • Employee and HR data

Some examples of the needs are described below:  

  • Installing new Data Governance Program and Tools
  • Enhancing Existing Data Governance Program and Tools
  • Cleansing and Correction of Erroneous Data
  • Data Quality Monitoring and Reporting
  • Business Taxonomy and Hierarchy Management
  • Concept Standardization (e.g., addresses)
  • Deduplication, Matching, and Unique Keying
  • Integration and coexistence with existing Buying Entity’s Systems (ETL, DW, CRM, ERP)
  • Provides Graph-based Data Structures for Relationship & Network Analysis
  • Enables Data Obfuscation and Privacy Regulatory Compliance
  • Support services to maintain operational data storage (ODS) and enterprise data warehousing (EDW), if present, and retrieval from applications resident on diverse computer platforms
  • Working with the Data Governance Board (if present) and/or department heads in support of operations.
  • Any additional services under this category not covered above.