The Benefits of Participation


Thank you for considering becoming a participant in the EdgeMarket Cooperative Pricing System (aka "the EdgeMarket co-op" or, simply, "EdgeMarket").

Benefits of Participation

It costs nothing to become a participant in EdgeMarket, yet the benefits of participation are substantial. 

Here are just a few reasons to join:

Speed and Convenience

Because Edge has satisfied public procurement requirements for the solutions in our catalog, our participants can procure the solutions they need quickly and easily - while avoiding the time, expense and risk of an RFP process.

Cost Savings and Optimal Terms

Edge is able to leverage the large and growing number of EdgeMarket participants to work with providers to create contracts that provide the greatest possible value and the lowest possible cost with favorable terms and conditions.

The Power of a Collaborative Community

Edge has long believed that working closely with our community allows us to do our best work for all. And that extends to EdgeMarket, where we combine our know-how, relationships and tools to drive collaborative planning and procurement that leads to great outcomes.

Join Us!

If you represent a New Jersey K-12 school or district, click ---> here.

If you represent a New Jersey public entity or public or private educational institution, click ---> here.

All others, click ---> here.