Concierge Support Desk Services

Provider: Blackboard Inc.

An often overlooked element of successful systems roll-out programs is ensuring end-users are properly supported and served and, thus, completely satisfied as the new solution goes live.

With this in mind, the Edge approach includes a dedicated service channel for your staff, faculty, and students to engage for the first 90-120 days after the system or key system components are made available. Resistance to change is a vexing challenge for these high stakes projects, and the first sign of trouble from the user community can undermine a project’s perceived success in short order. 

This third phase of Edge’s “Business Systems Modernization Program” addresses this potential risk by providing an expert customer care center and service desk dedicated to serving end users’ needs during the critical introductory period for newly implemented solutions. By delighting your user community with responsive, professional, and effective problem resolution, the likelihood of acceptance and accelerated ROI from the new systems is assured.

Typical Use Case

  • An institution is preparing for the roll-out of a new business system and needs additional short-term resources to assist with the anticipated volume of new system support requests.

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