EAB Navigate 360 and Starfish

Solution: EAB Navigate 360 and Starfish

Provider: EAB Global, Inc.

EAB helps you support, empower, and graduate more students.

EdgeMarket Contract Highlights

The EdgeMarket contract includes discounted pricing and favorable terms for our Edge members and EdgeMarket participants for the following EAB solutions:

Navigate360 is EAB’s scalable, enterprise-wide student lifecycle CRM, offering a complete suite of self-service capabilities for students to address common requirements and tasks across their lifecycle. Navigate360 enables greater student agency and connection with campus resources while reducing demands on support staff for common transactional tasks. Navigate360 also provides the comprehensive capabilities that staff require to support students at every stage of the student lifecycle, from recruitment through graduation and beyond. With Navigate360’s research-backed and proven intervention, collaboration, workflow, and analytics tools, advisors, faculty, and staff will have all of the tools they need to design, implement, and coordinate impactful cross-campus initiatives.

Navigate360 is tuned to deliver exactly what our partners need and has expanded to encompass every stage of the student lifecycle, from recruitment to retention to graduation and post-college outcomes and career placement.

The ultimate purpose of the Starfish Enterprise Success Platform is to help your students succeed. Often, this is accomplished through creating efficiencies and bringing together student success constituents on the institutional side. Starfish continues to grow and develop to best address student needs and risk for a prescriptive and proactive approach. To know why students are at risk and know the appropriate action to take to keep students on their path. To be able to anticipate what resources students may need and put them in front of students before they are in desperate need allows you to help your students avoid potential risk before it becomes a barrier. Students also become an active partner in their own success by easily interacting with Starfish to schedule meetings with individuals and campus services, learning not only what they need to stay on track but who can help them. Student success is our number one priority. We will work to ensure you have what you need to help your students succeed. Mobile-Ready Design makes integration easier with SIS, LMS, Calendar, and third-party systems. All partnerships include a best practice starter tenant to adjust to your specifications with best practices in mind.

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