Solution: Ivy

Provider: Ivy.ai Inc

Using natural language processing and machine learning, the Ivy chatbot interacts with stakeholders by understanding the semantics of their inquiries and provides an immediate, meaningful answer. Ivy can be trained to disseminate information such as deadlines or school codes but also can connect students to university resources such as help videos or other 3rd party resources. Integrations with internal systems like CRMs, SISs, LMSs, and ERPs (ex. Salesforce, Banner, Canvas, Colleague) allow for personalized questions such as “What is my account balance?” Similarly, prospective students who interact with the bot may fill out forms that are instantly added to your CRM via API integration.

Ivy is custom implemented for each partner to support their underlying objectives - whether it’s increasing marketing impact, providing better customer service, or simply extending the hours of operation. Ivy is highly data-driven and the bot is optimized to target the most meaningful metrics for our partners. Furthermore, Ivy gets measurably “smarter” over time as it learns new content areas, driving even better results.

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For more information, or to request a copy of the master agreement, contact: info@njedge.net

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See AI-Enabled ChatBot

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There are two ECINs for this contract: 

269EMCPS-20-004-CP-IVY - EdgeMarket Cooperative Pricing System (available for use nationally)

269EMCPS-20-004-LA-IVY - NJEdge.Net, Inc. as Lead Agency (for New Jersey public sector entities)

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