Solution: GeniusSIS

Provider: GeniusSIS, Inc.

Streamline, simplify and centralize all functions of your learning management to deliver compelling student-centric solutions. Genius is your unified system for data empowerment and workflow management, aggregating your student management processes, data, and tools under one user-friendly interface.

EdgeMarket Contract Highlights

The EdgeMarket contract includes discounted pricing and favorable terms for our Edge members and EdgeMarket participants for the following GeniusSIS solutions:

  • GeniusCE - An education management system purpose-built to address the complex needs of managing today’s CE programs in higher education institutions. With self-service portals and e-commerce functionality for students, faculty, and staff, Genius CE’s higher education SaaS solution streamlines all continuing education operations.
    • Centralized, configurable self-service registration, course, and section management
    • Student-centric solution with shopping cart functionality and self-service account management
    • An intuitive, branded interface for student browsing, registration, and payment
    • Flexible enrollment capabilities and customizable certificates, badges and transcripts
    • A learner dashboard to track all learning formats including Experiential Learning
    • Branded microsites and distributed administration hierarchy to mimic your organizational structure
    • Customizable, dynamic admin reporting and dashboards
    • Approval workflows and prerequisites to effectively manage enrollments
    • Powerful communication tools to provide actionable information based on user-defined criteria
    • Seamless integrations for comprehensive data flow

  • Genius Class - Designed to serve the unique needs of virtual and blended learning programs, the Genius Class student information system (SIS) delivers a comprehensive feature set for K-12 student management. 
    • Integrates with all major learning management systems and payment gateways 
    • Manages rolling enrollments and dynamic pacing 
    • Provides student and parent portals for registration and payment 
    • Streamlines admissions and registration 
    • Tracks the progress of students and staff 
    • Assigns and tracks education assets 
    • Includes over 30 pre-built reports, plus the ability to create unlimited custom reports 

  • Genius Enterprise - Genius Enterprise empowers government and corporate organizations to meet their complex training needs. Our user-friendly platform provides innovative, automated, and extendable solutions that can be seamlessly configured to meet unique challenges.  

    Our solution centralizes and integrates comprehensive capabilities that offer, deliver, manage, and track training, professional development, and certification for enterprises and organizations seeking to train and upskill their stakeholders, from employees to customers. 

    Genius Enterprise provides administrative solutions for training programs across multiple sectors, including:

    • Enterprises seeking to train and upskill employees 
    • Federal, state, and local agencies needing to efficiently deliver training to their employees
    • Nonprofit organizations looking to power learning and development initiatives   

    Genius Enterprise delivers

    • Fully automated self-service registration
    • Single focal point for tracking all training, no matter how it’s delivered
    • Comprehensive integration across an organization’s entire IT ecosystem
    • Built-in reports and report-construction tools to monitor program effectiveness

Procurement Information and Documents

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