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Proctorio is a comprehensive remote proctoring service that offers Identity Verification, Lock Down Settings, Live and Automated Proctoring, a Plagiarism Tool, and Content Protection services.

Proctorio's Automated Proctoring solution provides a scalable, cost-effective solution for protecting exam integrity by validating identities and monitoring test takers during exams to flag potentially suspicious behavior. Proctorio's technology can detect behavior like excessive head movement, excessive audio events, or keystroke anomalies that exam administrators can later review to make final decisions regarding exam integrity. Proctorio's platform strategically identifies which exams may be more suspicious and provides an itemized list of specific violations within an exam attempt.

This process is completely customizable by your instructors/admins. 

Proctorio’s Unscheduled Live Online Proctoring service allows students to take assessments on demand with one of Proctorio’s live proctors without rescheduling or other fees. The system automatically connects the student to a live proctor. As suspicion occurs, our Professional Proctors will notify the student of their unauthorized behavior based on instructions from the institution. 

Proctorio offers premium Professional Review where our experts are available to analyze exam recordings for issues of academic dishonesty. Proctorio delivers detailed reporting within 24, 48, or 72 hours, according to your needs. This is also customizable to your institution's specifications.  Proctorio provides five layers of authentication and accomplishes this without ever requiring student personally identifiable information (PII) or using a third-party partner to identify students: (1) LMS username, (2) LMS password, (3) IP Address Location Verification, (4) ID Verification, and (5) Webcam Feed. 

Proctorio’s proactive 24/7/365 Support Team is available to students, faculty, and admins via chat, email and social media to provide reliable and timely troubleshooting and resolutions. Proctorio provides 24/7/365 proactive technical support that instantly detects any technical issues a student might experience, and then prompts a support representative to chat with the student, fix the issue, and get them into their assessment.

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