EMRFQ-20-001 - PPE


On July 31, 2020, in an effort to help facilitate PPE acquisition by Edge members and EdgeMarket participants, EdgeMarket released a Request for Quote to gather pricing and availability information for Personal Protective Equipment. 

We sent the RFQ to 15 pre-vetted providers, gleaned from the State's PPE registry. Eleven providers responded. The results are available below.

If desired, and at any time in the future, we may reissue the RFQ to a larger set of providers, incorporating any improvements we identify based upon the content and quality of these initial responses as well as input from the members.


This information was collected and is provided as a convenience to our members and EdgeMarket participants, and does not represent an intent or obligation of Edge to procure or further support the procurement of these products. All product inquiries should be directed to the providers.

RFQ Documents and Responses

You can download an Excel listing of all responses here:

EMRFQ-20-001 - PPE Responses - Consolidated Excel (as of 8/15/2020)

You can download a Zip file extract with all RFQ documents here: 

EMRFQ-20-001 - PPE Responses (as of 8/15/2020, 33 MB)

NOTE: Due to the nature of these products and volatile market conditions, this information may quickly be outdated.

Extract Folder Contents

The image below illustrates the contents of the extract file:

RFQ Response Extract Contents

Consolidated Pricing Spreadsheet

The image below illustrates the contents of the consolidated pricing spreadsheet. Click on the image to expand it.

RFQ Consolidated Pricing Spreadsheet


Contact Dan Miller, Director, EdgeMarket, dan.miller@njedge.net