Solution: SSA Cloud

Provider: GCOM Software LLC

GCOM's SSA Cloud is a comprehensive data warehouse and analytics solution that helps institutions measure, manage, and distribute critical data and visualizations to stakeholders for their analysis, and to drive action.

The solution is available as a software as a service solution (SSA Cloud) where GCOM provides all the infrastructure necessary to implement a data warehouse or as a technology agnostic solution (SSA Select) that can be deployed on-premises or within a client's own cloud infrastructure.

SSA has out of the box integrations with the leading Student Information, Admissions/Recruiting (CRM), and Alumnae systems including: Ellucian Banner, Ellucian Colleague, Oracle Campus Solutions (PeopleSoft), Workday, Ellucian CRM Recruit, Slate, Salesforce/TargetX, and Raiser’s Edge.

EdgeMarket Contract Highlights

The EdgeMarket contract includes discounted pricing and favorable terms for our Edge members and EdgeMarket participants for the following ASR solutions:

  • SSA Foundation and Student Core Data Model:  Provides the data warehouse infrastructure and support for analyses of student demographics, registration/enrollments, program enrollments, retention/persistence, curriculum, course/section utilization, course success/outcomes (program review), and graduation / transfer outcomes with NSC.
  • SSA Student - Degree Audit / Program Progress Analytics:  Provides additional analysis at the detailed curriculum level to understand how long it takes a student to complete a degree or certificate, student program credit momentum, who is or is not on track for completion in the anticipated time frame, and who needs additional supports or interventions to stay on track.
  • SSA Student - Developmental Education for Community College Analytics:  Provides institutions the ability to better understand college readiness and placement, as well as progress through developmental education paths for English and Math. Analysis is provided for completion and attrition rates as well as college level course outcomes.
  • SSA Student – Learning / Engagement Analytics:  Provides analysis of additional measures of student success throughout their curriculum including achievement across academic years using institutionally defined learning outcome rubrics. The analysis also leverages the existing Student Core Data Model to allow analysis by any student, term, or section attribute. Student engagement analysis can be expanded with the integration of additional optional data connectors to systems other than the LMS such as swipe card, appointment, case management, tutoring, and judicial systems.
  • SSA Admissions/Recruiting Analytics:  Provides analysis and forecasts of prospects and applicants through the admissions funnel stages to enrollment, including yield rate, target market segments, and feeder school market share. Analysis is possible by applicant demographics and recruitment strategies if these are provided by the source customer relationship management (CRM)/applicant system.
  • SSA Financial Aid Analytics:  Provides analysis that focuses on key metrics to support student-centered funding, target awarding efforts, and improve access and affordability for diverse student populations. The analysis presents insights into operational and strategic outcomes for managing FA applications, awarding aid, and special populations to identify unmet need.
  • SSA Finance Analytics:  Provides general ledger and purchasing analysis with current balances, compared to budget, committed outlay, and comparisons to prior month and year periods. Additional analysis of the purchasing sub ledger allows a view specifically of spending by vendor, commodity, and line-item types. Analysis can be performed by any account component or classification.
  • SSA Human Resources Analytics:  Provides position, wage, and benefits information for year-over-year analysis of employee demographics, workforce, and turnover. The analytics simplify the effort required to identify active/inactive employee information from current or past time periods, within time periods, or change across the beginning and end of time periods for relevant longitudinal analysis.
  • SSA Advancement/Alumni Analytics:  Provides a broad range of donor and campaign analysis to compare actuals to goals, rates of change of giving across donor demographics and profiles, pledge write-off and unfulfilled pledge rates, campaign pyramid analysis, success rates of major donor proposals, alumni and donor engagement analysis, productivity of donor relations staff, and designated giving analysis.
  • And other items including data connectors, implementation services, add-ons and more.

Procurement Information and Documents

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EdgeMarket Master Agreement

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269EMCPS-21-002-CP-ASR - EdgeMarket Cooperative Pricing System (available for use nationally)

269EMCPS-21-002-LA-ASR - NJEdge.Net, Inc. as Lead Agency (for New Jersey public sector entities)

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