EAB Edify

Solution: EAB Edify

Provider: EAB Global, Inc.

Aggregate, integrate, and unlock the value of data from all your systems in a central, customizable platform built for higher education.

EdgeMarket Contract Highlights

The EdgeMarket contract includes discounted pricing and favorable terms for our Edge members and EdgeMarket participants for the following EAB solutions:

  • Edify Technology - The Edify Technology is comprised of a comprehensive data integration, data governance, and data warehousing technology in a secure, extensible, and cloud-based format that supports users and managers of data and technology applications at higher education institutions.
  • Edify Professional Services - An Edify partnership can include a wide ranging set of professional services that support the implementation, ongoing use, and value delivery of the Edify Technology, including but not limited to technical integration services, analytics and data science, data advisory services, and pre-scoped analytics and technical accelerators.

Procurement Information and Documents

See Data Warehouse / Business Intelligence

EdgeMarket Master Agreement

If you do not have a Member-Only login and wish to see the contract documents, contact: info@njedge.net

EdgeMarket Contract Identification Number (ECIN)

There are two ECINs for this contract: 

269EMCPS-21-002-CP-EAB - EdgeMarket Cooperative Pricing System (available for use nationally)

269EMCPS-21-002-LA-EAB - NJEdge.Net, Inc. as Lead Agency (for New Jersey public sector entities)

When you utilize this agreement:

  • Please be sure to include the appropriate ECIN all purchase orders for goods or services purchased pursuant to this contract vehicle, and ensure that the vendor include the same ECIN on relevant invoices.
  • Please complete the EdgeMarket: Notice of Use of EdgeMarket Agreement form.