Upcoming EdgeMarket Procurements

Edge continuously evaluates member needs and market opportunities in order to identify, prioritize and schedule future procurements.

While circumstances may arise that cause us to alter our plans and priorities, the table below presents upcoming procurements that are presently being prepared, researched or considered.

#SolutionTime FrameStatusPoll
1Managed Network Services - Campus and Residential NetworkingOn HoldPreparingPoll
2Video Hosting Platform
3Classroom Virtual Desktop2Q2021
4Omnibus IT Professional and Technical Consulting Services2Q2021
5Omnibus Digital Marketing Services2Q2021
6Omnibus Enrollment Management Services2Q2021

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To learn more, see Participating in an EdgeMarket Procurement.

Active Procurements

For a list of active procurements, see Active EdgeMarket Procurements.

Awarded Contracts

For a list of contract awards, see EdgeMarket Contract Awards.

Cancelled Procurements

For a list of upcoming procurements, see Cancelled EdgeMarket Procurements.


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