Faculty Development and Instructional Technology as a Service Program

Provider: Edge

The EdgePro Faculty Development Support and Instructional Technology as a Service Program is a professional services subscription intended to complement and expand upon the current capabilities of your online learning and instructional design/technology team members.

The engagement will provide your instantiated resources with access to a most expert roster of Edge professional resources that comprise the Edge Team which will function to augment and complement your current academic and instructional design/technology resources to achieve your online learning objectives and course development. 

The Edge team resources will be directed and deployed by an Edge Team Lead, a highly qualified professional of online learning and instructional design/technology. 

As your trusted business partner, Edge understands and appreciates the multifaceted challenges of the moment and, specifically, those resulting from the rapid transition to fully online teaching, learning and business operations resulting from the COVID-19 crisis.

To Inquire

For more information, contact: info@njedge.net

Method of Procurement

  • Direct from Edge via Shared Services Contract #EMSS-21-001

Scopes of Work

All Edge Members will have a pre-existing Edge Master Services Agreement to which individual scopes of work can be attached. Scopes of Work under this shared services contract are listed below: