EdgeMarket Contract Awards

The table below lists awards made as a result of EdgeMarket Cooperative Pricing System bids.

Some bids resulted in a single award, while others resulted in two or more awards. The Bid Purpose links associated with each bid will lead to the award information page for that bid.

#BidBid PurposeAwardsClose Date
1269EMCPS-20-004AI-Enabled Chatbot3 AwardsAugust 25, 2020
2269EMCPS-20-003Online Proctoring System2 AwardsJune 30, 2020
3269EMCPS-20-002Document Management SystemAwardedMay 26, 2020
4269EMCPS-20-001Emergency Notification System1 AwardJuly 13, 2020
5269EMCPS-19-005Business Process Modernization & Readiness Assessments

Concierge Support Desk Services
2 AwardsJuly 3, 2019
6269EMCPS-19-004HE/K-12 Learning Management SystemAwardedAugust 9, 2019
7269EMCPS-19-003Hosted Enterprise Unified Communications

TDM/PRI or SIP over Legacy PBX or On-Premises Voice System
2 AwardsJuly 2, 2019
8269EMCPS-19-002Enterprise Resource Planning System2 AwardsJanuary 5, 2019
9269EMCPS-19-001Microsoft Licensing Solution Providers ServiceAwardedSeptember 25, 2018

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