Active EdgeMarket Procurements

The table below lists the currently active EdgeMarket Cooperative Pricing System bids, including dates, status, and RFP home page.

#BidBid PurposeStatusRelease DateClose DatePoll
1269EMCPS-21-001TeCHS - Comprehensive Technology Catalog for Hardware and SoftwareClosed - AwardedMarch 9, 2021April 9, 2021Poll
2269EMCPS-21-002Data Warehouse/Business Intelligence for Institutional EffectivenessClosed - Awarding
March 18, 2021April 19, 2021Poll
3269EMCPS-21-003IT Help Desk Service Provider
Closed - Awarded
April 9, 2021May 10, 2021Poll
Pathogens Control Technology
Closed - Awarded
April 20, 2021May 4, 2021-
5269EMCPS-21-005Virtual Classroom ServicesActiveJune 16, 2021July 22, 2021-

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Upcoming Procurements

For a list of upcoming procurements, see Upcoming EdgeMarket Procurements.

Awarded Contracts

For a list of contract awards, see EdgeMarket Contract Awards.

Cancelled Procurements

For a list of upcoming procurements, see Cancelled EdgeMarket Procurements.


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